Tips For Collecting Venetian Art And Masks

Venetian mask art made its first appearance in Venice, Italy, many years ago. In those days, a mask was worn at parties or other kinds of public gatherings for hiding a persons face. These were widely used to prevent common people from learning the identity of royalty among them during festivals and other celebrations.

Each mask was fashioned differently and some have quite an interesting history behind them. One in particular that has an interesting background is the Medico Della Peste. This mask covers the whole face and has a long beak like projection in the front, making it appear bird like. These masks became worn by the doctors that were treating Black Plague victims. In fact, this version even became known as the Plague Doctor Mask. sock fancy coupon

Collectors of these unique art forms might consider keeping an eye out for the Bauta style. These were popular choices because they allowed the wearer to eat and drink without removing the mask. This would have been an important benefit for someone that did not need their identity given away to the people they were amongst. Many of these masks were white and square shaped, lacking the ornate design others were embellished with.

The Volto mask also allowed wearers to easily eat or drink while still wearing it. However, these styles of masks were created from soft wax cloth, making them extremely comfortable. These were choices for the festivities that involved a lot of physical activity like dancing.

Covering the entire face was a custom in many masquerade parties. Some selections were decorated with expensive jewels and gold leaf while others were more plain. However, every mask was worn for a particular reason. Many experts speculate the more ornate masks would have given away royalty or other high class members of society, hence the creation of boring and uneventful masks.

Eventually, due to crime and other dishonest acts, a mask was made illegal to wear except at certain times of the year during social celebrations. The half mask was created around this same time to leave the lower part of the face showing. The Columbian is a fine example of a half mask.

Choosing to collect this kind of art is truly a great way to own fine art forms. Many mask selections were created as a one of a kind selection. In many designs, you will not find two of the same design. For the varied and interesting collection, this is certainly a benefit worth collecting for.

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