How to choose poker cards?


There are many types of poker, but in any of them one cannot do without the main attributes – chips and cards. And if they approach the purchase of tokens very selectively, then sometimes they take the first deck they come across. And in vain. As the pros say, there is nothing worse than playing bad cards.

In fact, a lot depends on this choice. Firstly, the expected life of the deck and, accordingly, the financial costs. Secondly, the comfort and pleasure of the game. Naturally, beautiful cards with a chic gloss are more pleasant to hold in your hands than crumpled sheets with torn edges. How to choose poker cards? There are several criteria.

Cardboard, plastic, semi-plastic

Cardboard cards

You can play, but after the first baptism of fire they will look, to put it mildly, not attractive. They are easier to mark, easier to crumple with shaking hands with excitement, or tear in anger.

Slightly better proven plastic-coated cards ( plastic coated ), they have more chances to stay alive a little longer. But they are not immune from deformation and dirt, over time they will also lose their ability to easily slide on the table and fade. If desired, such cards can be marked by leaving a scratch with your fingernail.

Plastic deck (100% plastic playing cards) is the best option. Quickly tear, wrinkle, exfoliate – this is not about such cards. The only drawback is the price, it is several times higher than the cost of simple cardboard copies. Whether it is worth spending a little more or is it not a problem to buy cheap cardboard cards one by one – everyone decides. But when it comes to professional play, the conclusion is obvious.


Poker cards differ from ordinary playing cards with a special size – 63 x 88 mm . Sometimes they prefer cards for the bridge (57 x 88 mm), for some they seem more convenient. Another difference is the increased index on the inner surface (jumbo or large ). Small numbers and suits ( regular or standard ) are more difficult to discern, often players at a large poker table ask the dealer to voice duplicate cards on the turn, river or flop . You can buy otakupoker cards with a double index ( dual , peak or poker index ), where small images are duplicated enlarged closer to the center. They facilitate visual perception both on the table and on the hands.





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